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This page provides basic information about some of the library's special collections.

Physical Archives

Physical Archives

The library retains materials produced by Louisiana Christian University and related to its history. Some of the more extensive holdings include:

  • Course catalogs
  • Yearbooks 
  • College newspapers

These materials may be used by appointment only.

Online Archives

Pine Knot Yearbooks

The Messenger Newspaper

Wildcat Newspaper

Alumni Publications

Faith Matters

President's Report

Special Collections

Special Collections

In addition to those listed below, special collections include:

  • Faculty-authored works
  • Alumni-authored works
  • Materials related to the history of Baptists in Louisiana
  • Rare books of special interest published before 1865 with intricate or fragile binding

Robert MacGimsey Collection

The MacGimsey collection spans the years 1928 to 2002 and contains primarily audio recordings, printed music, and miscellaneous papers related to MacGimsey’s work as a performer, composer, and preservationist of Negro spirituals.

W. C. Beall Family Papers

The Beall Family Papers collection spans the years 1862 to 2017 and contains primarily biographical sketches of, newspaper clippings about, and correspondences of family members.

Government Documents

Government Documents

The Richard W. Norton Library serves as a selective depository for state and federal documents. For more information about these collections, see the government documents guide.